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Frequently Asked Question

What is Yumiwi?

Yumiwi is an innovative event technology platform that enhances the way events are planned, executed, and analyzed, using data-driven insights and cutting-edge technology to create engaging, efficient, and memorable event experiences.

How does Yumiwi's real-time CRM integration enhance event ROI?

Our real-time CRM integration streamlines the flow of event data directly into your existing CRM system, enabling immediate follow-up on leads and significantly shortening the sales cycle, thereby enhancing your event ROI.

Can Yumiwi's platform accommodate both paid and free events?

Yes, Yumiwi is designed to support all types of events, providing flexible access control and registration options for both paid admissions and free entries, ensuring a seamless experience for every attendee.

How does the Attendee Timeline feature work?

The Attendee Timeline feature creates a personalized journey for each attendee, encapsulating all event-related content, experiences, and engagements in one accessible space, allowing for a unique and organized event experience.

What are the security measures Yumiwi takes to protect data?

Yumiwi prioritizes data security by hosting the platform on dedicated servers, conducting regular penetration tests, ethical hacking, and adhering to stringent data protection standards to safeguard all client and attendee information.

What makes Yumiwi's attendee engagement app unique?

Our custom-designed app serves as a central hub for loyalty programs, cashless payments, and personalized content delivery, enhancing attendee engagement by offering rewards, upcoming event previews, and tailored interactions.

How can Yumiwi's technology solutions help in managing event access control?

Yumiwi offers advanced access control solutions, including QR codes, NFC wristbands, and mobile app integrations, to manage venue entry efficiently, enhance security, and provide a frictionless entry experience for attendees.

Can Yumiwi integrate with any CRM system?

Yes, Yumiwi’s platform is designed to flexibly integrate with various CRM systems, adjusting to the specific needs of each client’s database in real time for optimal lead management and data flow.

What kind of insights can Yumiwi's AI-powered reporting provide?

Our AI-powered reporting analyzes event data to offer deep insights into attendee behavior, engagement patterns, and overall event performance, supporting strategic decision-making with predictive analytics.

How does the cashless system and consumption control feature benefit event organizers and attendees?

Yumiwi’s cashless system and consumption control feature streamline transactions, enhance security, and provide valuable insights into attendee spending behaviors, making event management more efficient and improving the overall attendee experience.